Prayash Thapa

Hello! I'm Prayash. ๐Ÿ‘‹

Thanks for visiting my little hub / digital garden on the World Wide Web. I'm a computer programmer by vocation, but an artist at heart. My main hobby is music โ€“ I love spending my days playing guitar, making beats, and recording instruments. On the side, I love exploring the vast fields of computer graphics, photography, and video making. Or any creative pursuit that excites me. I just want to spend my life creating beautiful things and sharing them with others.

You can see some of my past software projects if you're interested. Occasionally, I'll share some thoughts in my journal if I have something meaningful to say. Lately, I've been getting into sharing photosets from my travels. Feel free to peruse if you're interested in reading any of my ramblings on art, code, music, and life, amongst other things.

I also have a feed, a generated collection of stuff I post on Instagram / other social media. It's kind of a view into the music I'm working on, photos I'm taking, short form videos etc. I currently reside in Kathmandu, Nepal / Boulder, CO / the San Francisco Bay Area.

For an overview of my professional work, you can check out my LinkedIn, if that's your thing. If you ever want to nerd out on software, art, or music production, let's get coffee! I would love to meet up, or even do a virtual chat and get to know you. PS โ€“ if you're looking for a links page, here it is!

โ€“ย Prayash