Prayash Thapa

Hello! I'm Prayash. 👋

Thanks for visiting my little hub on the world wide web. I'm a computer programmer by vocation, but my main hobby is music — I love spending my days playing guitar, making beats, and recording instruments. On the side, I also dabble in photography, video editing, and generally any creative pursuit that excites me. I just want to spend my life creating beautiful things.

You can check out my past work if you're interested in seeing some software projects. Occasionally, I'll share my thoughts if I have something meaningful to say. Feel free to peruse if you're interested in any of my ramblings on art, code, music, and life, amongst other things. I currently reside in Kathmandu, Nepal Boulder, CO.

For an overview of my professional work, you can check out my LinkedIn , if that's your thing. If you ever want to nerd out on software dev, art, or music production, let's get coffee!